Notes of Untitled Country – Village Crimes

The poem “Village Crimes” explored through a symbolic language, navigates nuances of societal norms. It’s a commentary set in a tightly-knit society; of individuals grappling with the shadows of their own transgressions, morality and the heavy burden carried by those who dare to expose the truth within.  It brings forth

Sawa Sawa – Album

Wreathe in multilingual tongues – beyond the outskirts of many who identify as one.   Sawa Sawa is a concept album composed by the pouring of Afro-Arab souls and translates as “All together” in Sudanese. The music, artwork and stories evolve from art full of skies, across a landscape filled

Perceptions – kó Art Space, Lagos

I explored kó art space to witness a collective exhibition featuring artworks by Peju Alatise, Sokari Douglas Camp, Juliet Ezenwa Pearce, and Chinwe Uwatse. This exhibition navigates the complexities of representing and defining women in contemporary Nigeria through a female perspective. It delves into the interplay of cultural history, gender

Poetry of Beyond the Fence Begins the Sky

This was an intersection of visual art and poetry. Poetry in response to Ismail’s exhibition at Efie Gallery, Beyond the Fence Begins the Sky.  The fusion of this poetry in text and audio serves as the artistic contextual expression of these figures in the art and speaks of how the

The Poet and The Collection

Dusty roads, the screech of rice straw brooms, and the peace of provinciality are what come to mind when we think about a village. Our modernized eyes frown upon the intimate intertwine of close-knit communities, allowing claustrophobia to encourage our insular bliss.   Our obsession with evolution and progression is