I am thrilled to share my upcoming Artist Residency and Live Performance with Jinn Records at The Rose Hill in June, “kumbaya — the elegy of distant relatives.”


This collection navigates the myriad forms of loss, from the simplest to the most intricate—bearing witness to memorable sentences, infused with raw farewells meant to epitomize the intersection that separates our beautiful existence; the delicate balance between life and grief.


Born in Ghana, Mr. Poetivist is a poet and curator whose voice echoes with the essence of his homeland. With a keen eye for unsaid narratives, he unearths visuals that resonate deeply with audiences.


Notable works include a socio-political audio experiment titled ‘Untitled Country’, ‘Don’t Let This Become Public’ – a conceptualized protest performance at buro Ghana, and a commissioned series of poems for Isshaq Ismail’s exhibition, ‘Beyond the Fence, Begins the Sky,’ at Efie Gallery.


Additionally, he debuted his radio playwright “The Village We Are” on Berlin-based radio-Refuge Worldwide, showcasing his versatility as a creative force. His poem “Ode To Afrika” was featured as the lead poem for TEDxAccra 2021, further solidifying his place as a prominent voice in contemporary poetry.

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