Sawa Sawa – Album

    Wreathe in multilingual tongues – beyond the outskirts of many who identify as one.


    Sawa Sawa is a concept album composed by the pouring of Afro-Arab souls and translates as “All together” in Sudanese. The music, artwork and stories evolve from art full of skies, across a landscape filled with the beginning of a new dream, the confession of new prayers, and the seed to claim hope.


    It takes us into the birthwaters of Ubuntu, and all those loves that flew away when we left each other in each other – at unexpected moments.


    The Northern odd metre rhythms and upbeat afro melodies pouring through the lyrics tell of the great themes of life, the African history and finding the creators. A return to unborn joys of memories, time and purpose.


    There is night in this art. Not for us to be parted away in our dreams.

    Sawa Sawa is how we return for us in the morning.


    — Foreword by Poetivist


    ‘Sawa Sawa’ is out now 💿 Click here to listen.

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