The Poet and The Collection

    Dusty roads, the screech of rice straw brooms, and the peace of provinciality are what come to mind when we think about a village. Our modernized eyes frown upon the intimate intertwine of close-knit communities, allowing claustrophobia to encourage our insular bliss.


    Our obsession with evolution and progression is understandable. Little joy and happiness blossom from reminiscing about our gut-wrenching past. In this installment of The Poet & The Collection, we review a poetry audio album by Mr. Poetivist. This latest addition to his already stellar discography is a blunt iteration of the shared history we are in a rush to erase from our genetic code. His love affair with his heritage takes a sour turn, mutating him into a paralyzed bystander trying to use his voice to save his people.


    Untitled Country is a tender portrait of unspoken reflections, withdrawn from the uncomfortable unrest parading with the neighborhood. This body of work observes the inescapable loop of political-nasty-nifty-tricks in which we are all caught, and Mr. Poetivist uses his voice to take a stand. It is concisely and fearlessly written to relate to the heart of our struggle. Mr. Poetivist lends his voice to the inner turmoil that political and social trouble forces us into, with the hopes he can be heard just as he is.


    “Mr. Poetivist leads us on a guided meditation through the nightmare that African civilization has become. Untitled Country is a plea for us to take care of and be concerned with one another, like a village community.


    He is suggesting joining hands and having faith in ourselves since hoping for a transformed, servant government is futile. The roulette wheel worn as a neckpiece and the casino dice lying on the head symbolizes the game being played with the lives of his people.


    A morality exchange took place when the world colonized Africa, and Mr. Poetivist’s seven tracks are a witness to that tragedy. However, it was a gamble, and the house always wins.”


    – written by Nonjabulo Malinga

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