Poetry of Beyond the Fence Begins the Sky

    This was an intersection of visual art and poetry. Poetry in response to Ismail’s exhibition at Efie Gallery, Beyond the Fence Begins the Sky

    The fusion of this poetry in text and audio serves as the artistic contextual expression of these figures in the art and speaks of how the art interprets itself before the poet. The concept of expressing one’s experiences is subject to an arrangement–a narrative rooted in modern society; so this interdisciplinary art wants listeners to be conscious of the little identity stereotypes they cannot see–and help us be understood in the unexpected times and trying moments.

    The poems were created through the grotesqueness and penetrating gaze of merely human beings, experiencing, surviving, and wrestling with the same emotions, pain, happiness, sadness, and despair experienced worldwide. 

    Beyond the Fence Begins the Sky by Isshaq Ismail.

    Poetry: Land of hope and Favour

    The beginning

    Everyone was expecting you at the village square 

    To call your clothed name from dreams–

    And across roads of unknown fate

    They never prepared to tell you 

    before the season of your time 

    How on this land of hope and favour

    Life courageously ends at birth

    And only begins from our infant tears  

    They never tell you, on earth 

    We slash hot pepper in old wounds

    To teach our future scars how to embrace healing 

    No one comes whispering  

    Of mountains still to quell on high hills 

    And rivers there many you have to ford  

    Grotesque, but you are here 

    And I was expecting you

    if tears come and gather you through your eyes

    I hope they teach you how to see 

    That deserts too have blue rivers, maybe 

    Not only through poems

    but you are here 

    And I was expecting you

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